Yanga dey sleep

Due to my lack of an active social life I spend most holidays in my mom’s shop and most times she would not even turn up at all and I was left to be “shop manager” of the day, this was one of those days. It was a beautiful day; sales were quite brilliant , the salesgirls too were co-operating. Infact nothing could go wrong , money was being made-even though not a single shilling was mine, I was having fun.

Enter Mr. Igbo onitsha trader, I was writing out the receipt for a customer when he came in and laid his complain about his wife not liking his choice of goods bought. Shuo! Is it your wife that bought it? did you not like it before leaving here?but I was busy and I knew he was not here to give me money so I let one of the girls attend to him.

Midway into their convo I heard raised voices I ignored it as a little misunderstanding, but then Mr. Trader turned to me and started yelling. I was confused at how I entered the wahala, calmly I asked with a smile what the problem was and with ‘the customer is always right ‘ thing my mum quite generously embed in my mind I wasn’t going to make trouble.

But somehow it seemed like mr IOT was not getting my calm vibe as he went on ranting, see me standing there like someone pressed a mute button on me until the bombshell was dropped. Uncle IOT quite suddenly barked out “I DOES business too” and I’m like “what now” he repeats it so I’m sure it wasn’t some kind of mistake. He didn’t even give me the chance to utter a word but kept on emphasising that he does business and asking me – a graduate at the time if I had any form of tertiary education.

At this point I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore giving out occasional giggles because I didn’t want to infuriate him further to avoid other bombshells, there was only so much I could take.

Enter my mother/C.E.O she quickly shut him up pointing out how stupid he looked barking at somebody who only had a big smile plasterd on her face and who also was a graduate(at least almost-but that info was not for him) while adding that he should go home and sort his marital brouhaha, His money was refunded and he left after making a few mumbling apologies and explained how there’d be no peace in the house that day if he didn’t do her bidding as if it was my consign, mtchew.

Basically that day I learnt the need to exercise MORE levels of patience with some people because they’d definitely come at you to wear out your patience but don’t let them! Like the Penguins of Madagascar just smile and Wave 😀 Let that dog keep barking just don’t stoop to its level because you never know the personal battles they have going on with them . 🙂
Peace and Patience

Second coming

Finally! I’m back here… It’s been a while and I should be sorry but I’m not! Infact #blameitonASUU

20131127-042451 PM.jpg

The picture above summarises what this strike has turned me to 😓.
Anyhow I’m back for my daily rantings…mwahhh!

Patient Dog

Beautiful day it is right? No rain, not too sunny just perfect!
I had to go out today and for some very annonying reasons I had to use public transportation ..P.S I hate public transportation in Lagos as everyone on these street’s never heard the saying ‘patient dog eats the fattest’ I presume.
The main issue here is even that I waited for almost an hour at the bus stop and still yet no show. If not that I really had to be where I was going to, I woulda just u-turned back to my house. So because of that I stood there in good faith waiting for that special bus God would send to me.. All the proper lagosians around me were already strolling up and down trying to stop a bus and all but most of them were filled..My inner being was just snickering and saying don’t mind those people, your bus would come, don’t gaan kill yourself.
Alas! One sienna mini van parked right in front of me with a police officer in the passenger seat and asked me where I was headed but you see me ehn I can’t hitch a hike to save my life talkless of to enter free ride. All those pepperbody quickly jumped inside and I was there consoling myself that it might be ‘one chance’ for all we know (˘̯˘ )
20 minutes later standing at that same point with no bus in sight I began to wonder if that free ride was just maybe my God sent bus. I was tired of waiting at this point but I just couldn’t give up…no! Not now. Just as I finished saying a prayer to God to deliver me from this , One very sleek car stopped in front of me and called my name, I looked up but couldn’t recognize the face, still I entered. My name is not popular, so I was sure this was not a mixup and I believe with the air conditioner cooling my brain down I’d remember where we met.
Truth is I was barely able to place where we had met before but boy was I glad he knew me! Lesson here is no matter how long it takes I believe the patient dog ALWAYS eats the fattest bone!
Have a lovely day ahead!

#nolies #dazzall …Laterrrzzz XxXx

100 things you should know :p

Heyo! So I was legit composing a post the other day and my phone just went ahead to trip off! Just like that! Put it back on and all my hard-typed words had vamoosed! I wasn’t having none of that so I didn’t even charge the rubbish thing for almost 12hours 3-| .You can imagine my pain , I mean #aintnobodygattimefo’dat
Ok Ok! Back to the matter…I came across this just now and decided to share 😉 #iaintnevertellnolies

100 truths :
1. Last drink: Water #teamhealthyliving , #ikid
2.Last phone call: My Momma! ❤
3.Last text message: Airtel 3-|
4.Last song you listened to:Mirror – Lil' Wayne and Bruno Mars
5.Last time you cried: This afternoon while reading a dirge

6.Dated someone twice: Bleeh!
7.Been cheated on: I do not even know
8.Kissed someone:Yes , a peck counts no? X_X
9.Lost someone special: family friends.
10.Been depressed: Yes
11.Been drunk and threw up: No

12. Purple
13. Black
14. Red
15. Brown

16.Made new friends:All the time.
17.Fallen out of love:Yes
18.Laughed until you cried: Hellur! *in Madeas voice*
19.Met someone who changed you: No
20.Found out who your true friends were: Is that possible?
21.Found out someone was talking about you: LAWL! Why shouldn’t they?
22.Kissed anyone on your friends list: Yes
23.How many people on your friend’s list do you know in real life: 90%
25.Do you have any pets: Nooo… Most animals scare the shit outta me
26.Do you want to change your name: No… Why change a beautiful name right?
27.What did you do for your last birthday: had a very wonderful treat
28.What time did you wake up today: 7am..give or take
29.What were you doing at midnight last night: Getting cozy with my comforter
30.Name something you CANNOT wait for: To make my parents prouderrrrrrr! To kole fun mama mi, rale fun baba mi and shii
31.Last time you saw your father: 20mins ago
32.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Making some major decisions back then
33.What are you listening to right now: The Rain drops.
34.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: err… I guess , Talking Tom nko? X_X
35.What’s getting on your nerves right now?: the fact that I still gotta go wrap up my project stuff
36.Most visited webpage: Linda Ikeji…LOOOL
37.Current city: Lagos, Nigeria
38.Nicknames: BuBu , Bee , Badi, Rabbit
39.Relationship Status: Single
40.Zodiac Sign: Aries baybay!
41.Male or female or transgendered: FeMale.
42.Primary School: Springfield Nur&Pry school, Porraicourt
43.Middle School:Hallel college/ Archdeacon Brown Educational center… Still in Porraicourt
44.High school:Hallel College Lagos.
45.Hair color: sometimes its black, sometimes brown ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯
46. long/medium/short: Long
47.Height: 5′9
48.Do you have a crush on someone: No
49:What do you like about yourself: my all round awesomeness
50.Piercings: regular ear piercings
51.Tattoos: no
52.Righty or Lefty: Righty

53.First Surgery: None
54.First Piercing: As a babe 🙂
55.First Best Friend: Shuruku Bello …..I don’t even know where she is anymore 😦 .
56.First Sport you Joined: Interhouse Sports
57.First Pet: Never owned one.
58.First Vacation: Never really been on vacation. Not a proper one anyway.
59.First Concert: Hmmnnn….
60.First Crush: Michael something something in secondary school….He too is nowhere to be found

62.Drinking: Nothing
63.Already missing: My rabbit ❤
64.I’m about to: Type project report
65.Listening to: Noisy Generator
66.Thinking about:the work I have to do on my project
67.Waiting for: Asuu to not call off the strike yet

68.Want kids:Yes.
69.Want to get married:Yes.
70.Careers in mind: Business mogul

71.Lips or eyes: Lipzzzz
72.Hugs or kisses: Hugss
73.Shorter or taller:Taller
74.Older or Younger: Older
75.Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
76.Nice stomach or nice arms: Does it really matter?
77.Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
78.Hook-up or relationship: Hook ups
79.Trouble maker or hesitant: Troublemaker ;;)

81.Drank hard liquor: Yes…bleh!
82.Lost glasses/contacts: Sunshades? All tha time!
83.Kissed on 1st date: Tbh I can’t remember
84:Broken someone’s heart:Yes X_x
85.Had your own heart broken: Real G’s don’t have hearts 3-|
86.Been arrested: No
87.Turned someone down: Well…..like they say shit happens
88.Cried when someone died: My grandma 😥 and moviezzz all the time!
89.Liked a friend that is of the same sex: Hian! No.

90.Yourself:Hmmm.. most of the time.
92.Love at first sight: No
94.Santa Claus:Mtschewwww
95.Kissing on the first date: I chopkass not

97.Is there one person you want to be with right now?:Yes.
98.Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?:Hahahaha!
99.Wish you could change things in your past?:Yeah.
100.Are you posting this as 100 Truths?:Yes.

#nolies #dazall…LOOOL! ..laterzzz XxXx

The Superhero in me

First of all….(go down low if you want) I want to rant a little about how we human beings don’t take other people into consideration before doing certain things. How would you call yourself a man of authority,and yet make certain plans with your subordinates and just midway decide to carry out another plan? Don’t you have the fear of God? Fear God and repent o!
Anyhow with this annoyance in me I was walking and gisting with friends when suddenly something caught my eye…A Snake! Ewoo! I screamed and ran back for dear life , we all did actually but I heard my scream was the loudest X_X Surprisingly the snake too raised its head like it was scared and glided away back into the bush.
Only then did I notice there was a lizard quickly running off too in front of the snake and I figured the snake was trying to make the lizard its mid-afternoon snack. But thanks to my heroic screams the snake ran away sparing the lizards life! I always knew I had that Superhero quality in me….Ees nothing! 😉
Oh btw! Thank God for sparing the life of one MVMA *comment for meaning* who can never do no wrong in my eyes -Wizkid! Alhamdulilah!
Laterrzz XxXx


Err….D’n’G in this context means Dead and Gone X_X A friend sent this to me and it touched my very core, it just wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t share…..Enjoy!
“I slept in my living room last night pondered about this all Night : Please take time to read!
The Day You Die …You Won’t Have To Do anyThing …People Will Do EveryThing For You … !!!They Will Be There …Taking Your Clothes Off … Bathing Wrapping Your Body With a Shroud …Informing Others That You’re No More !!!Many People Will Come to Your Funeral …Most Of Them Will Leave Their Work & Come …They Will Be The Same Ones Who NeverThought …Of advising You Or Showing You The Right Path … !!!Your Wealth Will Go To Your Family …If You Did Good While UpBringing Your Children …They’ll Pay Off Your Debts … OtherWiseMost Of Your Belongings Will Be Disposed …& MayBe Some Will Be Given In Charity … !!!& Be Sure …This World Won’t Be Sad That You Left …Nothing Will Stop … EveryThing Will Continue … Just as Normal as It Is Today … & Was Yesterday !!!People Who Know You Will Feel Sorry …Friends & Close Ones Will Be Sad For Some Time …Your Family Will Feel Terrible For Weeks … Months …& Then EveryOne Is Back To His Normal Life …& Simply … You’ll Be Just a Memory … !!!MayBe No One Will Be Worrying about You …When You’re Left alone In Your Grave …Having Nothing But Your Deeds …Good Or Bad Ones !!!Trust Me People Don’t Even Care How You Feel Now …How Would You Expect Them To Worry about You When You’ve Left ?!They’re The Same Ones You Try Your Best To Please Today …Even If Costs You. No One Deserves To Be Pleased …Not Even YourSelf … !!!Death Is Never The End …It’s Just The Real Begining …It’s a Reminder To Me First …BeCause Honestly …I Came To Realize Many Things …I Wasn’t aware about …No One Deserves dyeing for … & Nothing Worth !!! , if u buy a mansion for your wife/girlfriend/ children today, it will be story tomorrow. EVerything in life has expiry date human being included. Forget about pleasing The World because you can’t please every body”

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
Sorry I didn’t gist you on how my day went yesterday, and that’s because I got back late and pretty knocked out!
My day started out really hectic but then turned out interesting. Bibi and I had to go take passports today and all the ones we got were either too expensive or out rightly ugly! Eventually we got the right one, good quality and a fair price.
We bounced in there feeling like at last we conquered. We met two sales girls who were actually sleeping when we got in and took like 30mins to get set up. After all the plenty plenty “shift your head a bit to the left, lower your head blah blah” they took the pictures and we asked to see them before we’d end up looking like Kponmo.
They showed us the pictures and Bibi immediately screamed “what is this”? We looked like we just each swallowed a baby elephant…urrgh! Yes it was that bad
! We then immediately asked for re-takes and they said “No, we can’t take another one” and I’m like O_O why? . Auntie Yellow then said there was nothing wrong with the picture therefore they can’t take another one while Auntie Blackie was in sitting acting non challant.
You need to know that Bibi knows very well how to use her mouth to put people in their place, So me I was just like ooooh these girls gon get it today and was just speaking grammar saying ‘its not your call to say if there’s nothing wrong with the picture yada yada’.Meanwhile Bibi was in a corner pressing her phone.
I said I was having a rough day so personally I wasn’t expecting Vogue cover picture and it came out way better than I expected so I requested for mine to be printed out after all my raking I realized Bibi wasn’t actually saying anything but was on her phone throughout so me too I just femmed my la bouche X_X
We paid and left and then I started asking Bibi haba wassup with the whole quietness as I was expecting some very good drama, She just shook her head and said all the while she was tryna call the boss but the network was bad. At this point all I could say was “Bibi you’re sick”!
I just gotta say I really support what she did because as sales people they don’t really give a heck if sales is made or not as far as their salary comes in at the end of the day thus their actions. Certainly if their boss was there they would have acted differently..People need to know that in order to grow whatever worth doing is worth doing well regardless if its your business or not!
Gotta go now, busy day ahead….See you laterzzzz XxXx


Thank you!

Thank you!

Hey beautiful world! Just incase you don’t understand the title of my post…its yoruba for ‘I’m grateful’….yes yes! I know its too early in my blogging life to release my own version of Wizkid’s Thank you song but imma do it anywaiz just because I can! :p
Ok here goes. *music* I wanna thank you all for visiting and replying my blog na na na *music* ….naaah! Only Wizkid :G can pull that one off X_X
Really this post is to thank you all for the overwhelming responses since yesterday, you made it all worth it and for this reason imma keep at it Insha Allah!
Just finished my solat( have you prayed this morning?) So I’m about to go into the world, hoping for a beautiful day!
When I’m back hope to gist you about it later…..XxXx
Have a wonderful day….Subscribe to my blog too :*

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